Mitch McConnell Blocks Resolution Condemning Trump For Gassing Protesters

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer tried to pass a resolution condemning Trump for using tear gas on protesters, but it was blocked by Mitch McConnell.

The resolution stated:

Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), That it is the Sense of Congress that the constitutional rights of Americans to peaceably assemble, exercise freedom of speech, and petition the government for redress of grievances must be respected; that violence and looting are unlawful, unacceptable and contrary to the purpose of peaceful protests; and that Congress condemns the President of the United States for ordering Federal officers to use gas and rubber bullets against the Ameri10 cans who were peaceably protesting in Lafayette Square in Washington, DC on the night of June 1, 2020, thereby violating the constitutional rights of those peaceful protestors.

Schumer asked for unanimous consent to pass the resolution. McConnell objected and blocked its passage.

The Republican Senate Majority Leader refused to protect the right of the American people to protest their own government.

Trump had the protesters gassed because he wanted a photo op that would make him look strong to the American people.

It is obvious that every member of Congress should condemn Trump for his actions, but Republicans lack the basic courage to uphold the Constitutional rights of those who they are supposed to be representing.

If Mitch McConnell and his majority are so weak that they won’t stand up to Trump when he gasses American citizens, they must be voted out in November with Donald Trump.

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