Trump Reelection Numbers Collapse As Joe Biden Behaves Like The Acting President

Donald Trump threw an authoritarian temper tantrum on Monday night, strutting out of the White House, threatening to use military force on the American people, and then having peaceful demonstrators gassed so he could stroll across the street for a photo op.

While the voices in the president’s head might have convinced him that this stunt was a tough-guy move, it doesn’t appear to have worked.

Not only are protest crowds larger a day later, but Trump’s poll numbers against former Vice President Joe Biden are in free fall.

According to multiple polls released on Tuesday, the president is mired in the 30s when voters are asked to choose between him and Biden – a dangerous spot for an incumbent to be.

A Reuters/Ipsos survey has Biden ahead by 10 points, with Trump polling at a dismal 37 percent.

Another poll from RMG Research and Scott Rasmussen showed similar results, with Biden clocking in at 46 percent compared to Trump’s 39 percent.

With America in crisis, Joe Biden is conducting himself like the acting president 

In the United States of America, 2020 has been a year of crises, from the coronavirus outbreak to the economic collapse to the social unrest now spilling out on streets all across the country.

Donald Trump has, quite spectacularly, bungled each and every one.

As each crisis gets bigger, the president of the United States appears to get smaller, hiding in his bunker, trolling folks on the internet, and having peaceful demonstrators gassed on the streets of the nation’s capital.

Meanwhile, former vice president Joe Biden has stepped up to the plate, meeting with protesters and community leaders, delivering a much-needed address to the nation on Tuesday, and – next week – planning to attend George Floyd’s funeral.

Donald Trump is the incredible shrinking president, while Joe Biden is conducting himself like a commander-in-chief in waiting.

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