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Eric Swalwell racist Trump statements

Democrat Eric Swalwell Warns Trump Won’t Leave Office Willingly: “Vote for Your Life”

Eric Swalwell has suggested Donald Trump has no intention of leaving office is he loses in November. The California congressman warned that Americans needed to vote in huge numbers.

“He’s not leaving office,” Swalwell tweeted on Tuesday in a clear reference to the President.

“And he thinks the same people who protected him as he gassed protesters to take a photo-op walk will let him stay,” the Democrat said.

“So what do we do? Show up in a way that the outcome cannot be denied.”

He added the hashtag “#VoteForYourLife”

Swalwell is not the first person to suggest Trump will try to cling to power if he loses the presidential election. However, it is unusual to see prominent Democrats make that argument.

The congressman has strongly defended protesters in the face of Trump’s verbal assaults and the attacks on peaceful demonstrators. Police used tear gas on protesters in Washington, D.C. earlier this week.

Journalists have been attacked and Donald Trump is egging it on,” Swalwell said a few days ago.

On Wednesday morning, the President seemed to confirm that criticism when he once again took to Twitter to attack the media and the the protesters seeking justice for George Floyd.

“If you watch Fake News CNN or MSDNC, you would think that the killers, terrorists, arsonists, anarchists, thugs, hoodlums, looters, ANTIFA & others, would be the nicest, kindest most wonderful people in the Whole Wide World,” Trump tweeted.

“No, they are what they are – very bad for our Country!”

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