Nancy Pelosi Attends DC Protest As Trump Hides In White House

Nancy Pelosi showed up at a Washington, D.C. protest to show her support for the protesters, as Trump hides in the White House.

Video of Pelosi walking toward the protest:

Speaker of the House Pelosi is at the protest:

Donald Trump once again has no public events on his schedule after he briefly came out of hiding, at one point in the White House bunker, to gas some protesters. Trump is hiding from the crisis while leaders like Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Speaker Pelosi are showing the protesters with actions that they stand with them.

The response to the George Floyd murder has painted the difference in leadership between the two parties in the starkest of terms. Trump threatens violence, while Democrats are using empathy and understanding to bring the country together.

Speaker Pelosi has shown more leadership and concern with one visit to a protest than Trump has during his entire presidency.

The real leaders are stepping up, as Donald Trump remains hidden in the White House.

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