Pentagon Sends Troops Trump Deployed To DC Back To Their Bases


In another sign that Trump is backing down from his threat to send troops to US cities, the troops that were sent to DC are leaving.

Via the AP:


Secretary of Defense Esper broke with Trump earlier on invoking the Insurrection Act, and now the troops are leaving Washington, DC. It is obvious that Trump trying to quietly back off of his threats to impose a form of illegal martial law.

Trump’s attempts to look like a tough guy in response to the vast majority peaceful protests have drawn criticism from Republicans and Democrats. The administration miscalculated the mood of the country. The nation isn’t scared and wanting a president to save them. They are angry, seeking justice, and want a serious president who will lead the national conversation on systemic racism.

The troops are leaving. Trump is trying to justify his hiding, as the response to his dime-store dictator act has forced the president to back down.

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