Trump Claims He Was Inspecting The Bunker, Not Hiding In It

Trump called into Brian Kilmeade’s radio show to claim that he wasn’t hiding from protesters in the White House bunker. He was performing an inspection.

Trump said, “I was there for a tiny short period of time, and it was much more for an inspection. There was no problem during the day. The problem I saw Leland got whacked pretty good, but that was during the night, and these problems are during the night, not during the day, and I go down two or three times all for inspection. You go there, and someday you may need it.”

Audio of Trump:

Trump’s tale runs counter to reports that he was taken to the bunker on Friday night for an hour as protesters gathered outside of the White House. Law enforcement and administration officials have told a different story than the one that Trump concocted.

A president doesn’t personally perform bunker inspections, so Trump’s story is a fantasy.

Instead of meeting with protesters, Trump hides and then gasses them.

While the country is in the midst of chaos, Trump is still trying to look strong and running to his Fox News friends.

The self-appointed law and order president is too scared to face the people who he is supposed to be leading.

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