Trump Rants About Antifa From His Bunker As Tens Of Thousands Of Americans March For Change

As tens of thousands of Americas all across the country take to the streets to protest in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, Donald Trump is ranting conspiracy theories from his bunker.

In a tweet on Saturday morning, Trump boasted about a crowd of supporters that turned out during his Friday visit to Maine.

“Riot gear or military control is not necessary because ANTIFA & other Wacko groups of Anarchists aren’t present to cause trouble,” Trump said. “Incredible people.”

Despite the broken-minded rantings of a president who has long lost his grip on reality, the George Floyd demonstrations have been overwhelmingly and increasingly peaceful.

They represent a nation demanding leadership and calling for a long overdue change to America’s broken criminal justice system. Trump has failed – quite spectacularly – to answer both of those calls.

His Saturday tweet about antifa and anarchists was nonsense, of course. It was another divisive deflection from a president hiding in a bunker watching history pass him by.

Huge crowds expected across the country on Saturday

Trump’s angry outbursts on social media are likely only going to get worse this weekend as tens of thousands of protesters plan to take to the streets. In Washington D.C., in particular, officials expect the largest crowd yet.

According to The Washington Post, “Rallies are also planned near the Trump golf club in Doral, Fla.; in front of Philadelphia’s famed art museum; outside Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz’s official residence; and in many lesser-known places, from Collegeville, Pa., to Poquoson, Va.”

The report notes that the George Floyd demonstrations are “the broadest in history” with 650 cities and towns across all 50 states seeing protests.

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