Civil Rights Icon John Lewis: Trump “Threatens the Democracy I Spilled My Blood to Protect”

John Lewis has called on the American people to band together and elect former Vice President Joe Biden. The Civil Rights icon made an impassioned plea on Sunday.

Lewis, a Democratic congressman, urged a vote for Biden in an email to Biden supporters over the weekend. He framed November’s election as a last chance to save democracy.

“This President threatens the democracy I spilled blood to protect,” the fundraising email begins.

“Since the day he took office, I’ve witnessed this President turn a blind eye to hatred in this nation and refuse to protect American citizens from violence and discrimination.”

“I watched this President rip newborn infants from their mothers’ arms, put them into cages, and leave them separated for weeks on end. I refuse to let his reign of terror continue.”

“He must be stopped. And we are the only people who can stop him.”

“If  – and only if  – we band together, will we elect Joe Biden and save our democracy.”

“None of us can do it alone. I know better than anyone it takes a group of people taking a stand.”

“We’re fighting for the very soul of our nation,” Lewis wrote.

“I can’t overstate the urgency of defending our democracy against this dangerous President.”

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