Trump Immediately Humiliated For Paying Disgraced Pollster To Tell Him He’s Beating Joe Biden

Donald Trump was immediately humiliated on Monday for hiring a disgraced pollster in a failed attempt to debunk a CNN poll showing former Vice President Joe Biden ahead by a stunning 14 percentage points.

As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley noted earlier, “Trump hired his own polling firm to analyze CNN’s polls as he refuses to believe that the polls are real and he is losing the election.”

The only problem is that the pollster Trump enlisted to make him feel good about his reelection chances – McLaughlin and Associates – has an awful track record.

As Nate Cohn of the New York Times pointed out after Trump’s implosion, the group was “perhaps the worst pollster of 2018.”

And it’s not just 2018 where McLaughlin was laughably off in its polling data. The group’s track record doesn’t get any better if you look even further back.

In 2014, McLaughlin and Associates found that then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor had a 34-point lead over challenger David Brat. Cantor went on to lose that primary contest by double digits.

In October 2012, the pollster had Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama 51 percent to 44 percent. Obama ended up winning that presidential election 51 to 47.

It’s obvious that Trump’s goal when hiring McLaughlin wasn’t to get accurate data about his reelection chances. It was to give his fragile ego a boost.

CNN wasn’t the only one poll that showed Biden’s lead growing

Donald Trump may have zeroed in on Monday’s CNN poll, but there were multiple surveys released the very same day that show Biden leading by similar margins.

As CNN’s Harry Enten noted, “There were six (by my count) national polls released today of differing quality… All but one had Biden up by double-digits.”

Instead of recognizing that he is – at least for the time being – losing badly to Joe Biden, Trump’s decision to hire a failed pollster is a sign that he plans to put his head in the sand all the way through the election.

If this is the way Donald Trump reacts to a bad poll, just imagine what he’ll do if he loses in November.

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