CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump Would Need “Out of Body Experience” to Give Unifying Speech on Race

CNN’s Jim Acosta thinks it would effectively be a miracle if Donald Trump were able to deliver a unifying speech. There has been speculation that the President will try to address the nation.

Acosta spoke to CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the possibility of a Trump speech on racial justice. Both men doubted the President could deliver it effectively.

“Anderson, even some the President’s own advisers are concerned he’s not handling this well,” Acosta said.

“I talked to a adviser this evening who conceded he’s not handled this perfectly.”

“Is any thought in the White House being given to — is the President going to speak at all about race relations in this country?” Cooper asked.

“About systemic racism, about any of the issues raised by thousands and thousands and tens of thousands of people in the streets for day after day after day?”

“They have been talking about this inside the President’s political team. It is an open question as to whether or not he’s going to deliver that kind of speech,” Acosta said.

However, Acosta suggested that such a speech might not take place, considering indications from the White House.

“Not only does he lack the speech writers to put together a speech like that, Anderson… the President himself does not seem in the mood to deliver that kind of speech right now,” Acosta went on.

“He would have to have an out of body experience to deliver the kind of speech you’re talking about,” he concluded.

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