Maddow Sounds The Alarm: GOP Is Intentionally Undermining Elections In Swing States


Rachel Maddow sounded the alarm on Tuesday over how Republicans are “diligently working” to undermine elections in at least two swing states.

In Georgia, which held its primary on Tuesday, polling places were a mess with voters waiting in line for hours to cast a ballot.

Maddow pointed to new voting machines that the state rushed to have installed “right before this presidential election year” as the many source of problems.


The MSNBC host hinted that what’s happening in Georgia doesn’t appear to be an accident either, particularly after they botched the 2018 elections so badly.

“Maybe these are problems and snafus today in Georgia, or maybe this is something on which the Georgia state government has been diligently working,” she said.


In Iowa, another state that recent polling shows is a virtual tie between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Republicans are working to make it harder for people to vote.

The GOP push comes even as the state’s primary last week went off without a hitch.

“They were all super proud of [how the primary went] as of last Tuesday,” Maddow said. “By Friday, Republicans in the state legislature had already drafted a bill and started moving a bill that will stop the state from ever doing an election like that again, because doing it that way made it easy and safe for people to vote.”

“Why would the state want to cripple the process that led to such success? ” the MSNBC host asked. “Raise your hand if you think you know.”


High turnout is a Republican nightmare

It’s no longer a secret that Republicans are even pretending to keep: They want fewer Americans to vote because they know it helps them retain power.

Donald Trump himself has even admitted that Republicans would never win another election if the use of mail-in ballots was expanded.

Whether it’s relishing a broken voting process in Georgia or attacking a well-functioning one in Iowa, the GOP appears eager to throw as many wrenches as they can into this fall’s presidential election.

It’s something Democrats in states all across the country must fight from now until November.

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