Mitch McConnell Refuses To Condemn Trump’s Senior Citizen Antifa Conspiracy

Senate Majority Leader was asked multiple times by reporters about Trump’s senior citizen Antifa conspiracy theory, and he refused to answer.

McConnell said, Well, as I said what we’ve been talking about in the here Senate Republican Conference is what we think is appropriate to the events of the last two weeks.”

McConnell repeated himself when asked a second time, “As I said, we are discussing in the Senate Republican Conference is what response we think is appropriate to the events of the last two weeks.”


It should not be difficult for the Senate Majority Leader to say that the President’s tweet was insane, or even that he disagrees with it. The fact that McConnell won’t condemn the insanity shows that the only way to make the federal government functional again is to vote Trump and his Senate Republican enablers out of power.

When the Senate majority is afraid of Donald Trump, the country no longer has a system of checks and balances.

There is no level of Trump crazy that is too much for Mitch McConnell.

Restoring democracy starts with electing Joe Biden, but will only be complete if Democrats take back the Senate.

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