White voters abandon Trump and flock to Biden

White Voters Are Fleeing Trump And Flocking To Joe Biden

Joe Biden is making double-digit gains with white voters, as a group that carried Trump in 2016 is fleeing the President in 2020.

Nate Cohn of The New York Times analyzed the recent polls and found:

In the most recent polls, white voters without a college degree back the President by 21 points, down from 31 points in March and April and down from the 29-point lead Mr. Trump held in the final polls of registered voters in 2016.

Mr. Trump didn’t just lose support to the undecided column; Mr. Biden ticked up to an average of 37 percent among white voters without a degree. The figure would be enough to assure Mr. Biden the presidency, given his considerable strength among white college graduates. In the most recent polls, white college graduates back Mr. Biden by a 20-point margin, up four points since the spring. It’s also an eight-point improvement for the Democratic nominee since 2016, and a 26-point improvement since 2012.

Trump’s reelection strategy has been to use the protests to fuel divides and split the electorate. The entire Trump presidency has been centered around finding ways to fuel white resentment, especially with white voters without a college degree, and keep them in Trump’s camp.

Joe Biden is a candidate who was always going to do better with white voters than most Democrats. Between his biography and his message, Joe Biden has a chance to improve the Democratic performance with white voters over 2016.

Trump is losing white voters because he misread the protests, and his reaction to them has only served to alienate voters that he needs.

The foundation of Trump’s presidency is cracking beneath his feet.

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