NASCAR Bans Confederate Flag As Trump Refuses To Take Confederate Names Off Of Military Bases

The Confederate flag was banned by NASCAR on the same day that Trump announced his refusal to take Confederate names off of US military bases.

NASCAR issued a statement on the banning of the Confederate flag:

On the same day, Trump tweeted:

At each moment when Trump has to choose between siding with the racists or the rest of America, Trump picks the racists. Trump also doesn’t understand anything about the country, He is protecting the heritage of those who tried to destroy the United States of America, not preserve it.

NASCAR, which Trump sucks up to regularly because he thinks that stock car racing fans are his base is more enlightened than the President Of The United States.

America has seen and rejected the tactics that Trump is trying to use to divide the country many times before, but never has the contrast been so stark.

On one side is Donald Trump and the racists. On the other is everyone else.