North Carolina Tells Trump To Take His Virus Spreading Convention And Get Out

North Carolina Democrats issued a statement telling Jacksonville, FL that they are more than welcome to host Trump’s virus guidelines ignoring acceptance speech.

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, North Carolina Democratic Party Communications Director Austin Cook said:

State health officials have expressed concern that coronavirus case totals and hospitalizations continue to rise in North Carolina. Instead of working with state leaders in good faith to plan a convention that would abide by health guidelines, President Trump has demanded nothing short of a crowded arena with no safety precautions.

If the president is genuinely delusional enough to think that demanding a full-scale convention is reasonable, then Jacksonville is more than welcome to host his acceptance speech. Governor Cooper has made it clear that no political event is worth risking the public health of the Charlotte community and the lives of more North Carolinians. Evidently, President Trump’s calculus is different.

All North Carolina was asking was that Trump follows his own CDC’s guidelines on gatherings and the coronavirus. Trump has refused to cut down the size of his convention, require masks for attendees, or practice social distancing.

Trump is having trouble finding delegates in some states who are willing to risk their health to attend the convention.

The revenue that would have come with the Republican convention would be offset in multiples by the cost of making the virus pandemic worse in North Carolina.

Trump wants to hold his convention in a state where the virus situation is worse than North Carolina:

North Carolina isn’t going risk public health so that Donald Trump can have a big crowd for his speech.

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