Republican Kevin McCarthy: “Nobody Should Be Judged Based on the Color of Their Uniform”


Republican Kevin McCarthy has compared racism to prejudice against police. The House Minority Leader contrasted skin color with the color of uniforms worn by officers.

McCarthy is the most senior Republican in the House of Representatives. On Wednesday, he became the latest conservative to compare what police officers are experiencing to racism.

He told Fox News that the protesters “have a right to be heard” on the issue of police brutality. But he also brought up “people who are looting” and unfounded claims about Antifa involvement.


Watch the video:

“This nation believes in the rule of law, that no one should be judged based upon the color of their skin,” McCarthy said.

“And nobody should be judged based upon the color of their uniform either,” he said.

“And that’s what we should work together in principle to make sure, at the end of the day, the thing that we all believe is we strive for a more perfect union.”

McCarthy is echoing complaints from some police officers that they’re being unfairly criticized. This is despite widespread footage of police assaulting peaceful protesters.

President Donald Trump and Republicans have repeatedly tried to paint peaceful demonstrators as violent agitators, despite a lack of evidence for their preferred Antifa claims.

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