Trump’s Own Advisers Warn He Could Lose The Election To Biden

Trump’s own advisers are warning him that without and immediate change in his message he is poised to lose the election to Joe Biden.

ABC News reported:

The campaign’s internal poll numbers showed the president down in swing states, and down with key demographics of voters including women and independents.

The messaging from the White House on the coronavirus pandemic and the growing anger about the brutal killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis was fueling a drop in his numbers. Top aides warned that former Vice President Joe Biden, now the presumptive Democratic nominee, was positioned to defeat the president by a significant number of electoral votes based on the campaign’s analysis, according to multiple sources familiar with the meeting.

While some of the president’s advisers insisted the current campaign internal poll numbers aren’t relevant in gauging Trump’s re-election chances this far from November, others among his most loyal and longest serving advisers have developed a new posture: one of increasing alarm. They fear that without a course correction — and quickly — Donald Trump could lose the 2020 presidential election.

A rational reality-based political operation would understand that the only reason Trump is president is because of 80,000 votes in three states. One of the biggest strategic mistakes that Trump and his advisers continually make is the assumption that the 2020 election will be just like 2016.

Trump has a different opponent that matches up better against him in 2020, and most importantly, he is the incumbent, not the outsider. Trump was able to make the election about Hillary Clinton in 2016 by painting her as the Washington insider incumbent.

That role now belongs to Donald Trump. It is Trump’s behavior, actions as president, and record that on the ballot in November.

The President is wholly incapable of changing his message. He hasn’t been able to change his campaign strategy. There is not going to be a course correction. Trump will keep steering the Republican ship into the ground, as his advisers are right.

Joe Biden is in the best position to beat an incumbent president since Bill Clinton in 1992, and there may be nothing any Republican can do to stop the self-destruction of Donald Trump.

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