Trump Demands CNN Cease And Desist Putting Out Polls Showing Him Losing

Trump had his lawyers send CNN a cease and desist letter demanding an apology for a poll showing him losing to Joe Biden.

Via CNN:

In the letter to Zucker, the Trump campaign argued that the CNN poll is “designed to mislead American voters through a biased questionnaire and skewed sampling.”

“It’s a stunt and a phony poll to cause voter suppression, stifle momentum and enthusiasm for the President, and present a false view generally of the actual support across America for the President,” read the letter, signed by the Trump campaign’s senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis and chief operating officer Michael Glassner.

The campaign formally requested that CNN retract the poll and publish a “full, fair, and conspicuous retraction, apology, and clarification to correct its misleading conclusions.”

Trump is trying to bully a media organization with a decades-long history of credible polling into retracting a poll that shows him losing.

Make no mistake about it. Trump’s biggest problem with the poll is that it shows him losing. If the CNN poll would have revealed that he was leading Biden, Trump would be tweeting every hour on the hour and would have held a White House news conference touting the results.

Trump is melting down and at war with reality. It is as if he believes that he can hide the truth from the very voters who are rejecting him.

It has gotten so bad that Trump is even losing Republican support.

Instead of taking steps to win the support of voters, Trump is spending his time elevating a CNN poll that shows him losing.

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