Trump’s Job Approval Plunges With Republicans To Lowest Level Since 2018

According to a new Gallup Poll, Trump’s job approval is down among all groups and has fallen to its lowest level with Republicans since 2018.

Via Gallup:
Trump’s latest job approval rating fell significantly among all party groups, and by similar margins among each. This includes drops of seven percentage points among Republicans (to 85%) and independents (to 39%), and nine points among Democrats (to 5%).

Republicans’ approval of Trump is the lowest it has been since September 2018 (also 85%).


Forty-seven percent of Americans approve of President Trump’s handling of the economy, a decline from 63% in January and 58% in February. Approval of Trump’s handling of the economy had not been under 50% since November 2017, when 45% approved.

Trump accelerated his downward momentum with his response to the death of George Floyd and the protests. Republicans are getting dangerously close to the point of no return. There is a degree of self-fulfilling prophecy in political campaigns. Once a campaign or candidate gets going in the wrong direction, it can be difficult to nearly impossible to reverse the trend.

Job approval is not the same as voting preference, but Trump can’t win the election with anything less than support from members of his own party that is in the nineties. The drop in support for Trump among Republicans is shocking because Trump has dedicated his entire presidency to appealing to his Republican base of support.

The math isn’t complicated. If Trump loses any support within his own party, he has no place to make up the lost votes, and Joe Biden will be the next president.

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