Nancy Pelosi Guts Trump, “Real Men Wear Masks”

Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) took a not so subtle jab at her press conference when she said that real men wear masks.

Pelosi said, “Sadly, in terms of people wanting to get out and not doing so with a mask, real men wear masks. We always say.”


Pelosi was discussing people in general, but there is specifically one man who has refused to wear a mask. Trump has refused to wear a mask at any of his public events which have led to him contaminating a swab factory and moving the Republican convention to Florida because North Carolina wouldn’t allow him to have a full arena crowd without social distancing and masks.
Pelosi’s right. Real men wear masks. Fake strongmen who don’t care about anyone or anything beyond their image do not.

The current spike in coronavirus infections is proving that Trump and Republicans were wrong to rush to reopen the economy. At a time when Trump is putting himself ahead of public safety, Americans need to wear masks.

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