88% Of Americans Say The Country Is In Crisis Under Trump

A new poll from Navigator Research found that nearly 90% of Americans think that the country is in crisis under Trump.

The graphic from Navigator Research:

94% of respondents believe that the pandemic is a major problem, and 93% think the protests are a major problem or a crisis.

The country almost universally believes that it is in crisis under Trump, which is bad news for Trump who is trying to sell the idea that the pandemic is a problem of the past, and the protests requiring a military deployment against US citizens.

The consensus on the crisis plays into the theme and message of the Joe Biden campaign. Biden’s calls for accountability and normalcy should be music the voters’ ears.

It is rare to find 88% agreement on any issue in a political poll, but Republicans, Democrats, and Independents almost unanimously agree that the United States of America is in crisis with Donald Trump as president.

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