John Bolton’s Book Will Allege “Trump Misconduct with Other Countries” Beyond Ukraine

John Bolton’s upcoming book will accuse Donald Trump of misconduct with countries other than Ukraine, according to a new report. The President was impeached for his treatment of the Ukrainian government.

The former National Security Advisor’s book The Room Where It Happened will allege “Trump misconduct with other countries,”, Axios reports.

There are no details yet about what Bolton will claim, but if his accusations are similar to the President’s pressure campaign against Ukraine, they could be very serious.

The White House has tried to delay publication of the book, but it will be released on 23 June.

Part of the epilogue has also been shown to the press.

“As if impeachment were not enough, I also found myself confronting the daunting challenge of fighting an incumbent President determined to prevent publication of a book about my White House experiences,” Bolton writes.

“Trump behaved typically, directing the seizure and withholding of my advisors’ personal and other unclassified documents, despite numerous requests for their return; obstructing my Twitter account; and making outright threats of censorship.”

“His reaction thus ranged from the mean-spirited to the constitutionally impermissible,” his book says.

“My reaction … my response? Game on.”

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