Trump’s Red State Support Collapses As Biden Could Win Arkansas


A new poll shows that Trump’s collapse has spread to red states, as Joe Biden has moved into a virtual tie in deep red Arkansas.

The Hendrix College poll found:


The Talk Business & Politics-Hendrix College Poll also found, “While partisan voters predictably cast their strong opinions in positive and negative directions, self-identified independent voters in Arkansas disapprove of Trump by a 39-54% margin and disapprove of Cotton by a 39-51% margin….Trump won Arkansas with 60% of the vote in 2016. Again, independent voters are leaning to Biden by a 46-40% margin.”

The idea that Joe Biden could be competitive in Arkansas this close to a presidential election is an illustration of the degree of Trump’s political collapse. If Joe Biden wins Arkansas, the election is over and Trump will have zero chance of winning a second term.

The odds of Biden winning Arkansas are low. Trump still has the advantage in red states, and the President’s base will turn out for him. The big win for Democrats will come when Trump and the Republicans feel pressure to spend money on ads and organization in a state that they should never have to think about and carry easily.

Trump’s support has completely crumbled. The outcome of the election will depend on how much support he can rebuild before November.

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