Trump’s Campaign Is Bragging About Being Tied With Biden In Arkansas

Things are so bad for Trump and his surrogates that they are bragging about being tied with Joe Biden in the red state of Arkansas.

Trump surrogate Jenna Ellis pointed to a poll that shows Trump collapsing in a red state to argue that the polls are wrong:

The margin of error in the Hendrix College was 3.3%. Donald Trump has a two-point lead. This means that Trump’s lead falls within the margin of error and the race in Arkansas is a statistical tie. Arkansas hasn’t voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since native son Bill Clinton in 1996. Before Clinton, the state hadn’t voted for a Democrat since 1976.

Arkansas hasn’t voted for a non-native son Democratic candidate for president in 44 years, and the Trump campaign is bragging because they are tied with Biden in the state.

Trump won Arkansas with 60.6% of the vote in 2016. He is down to 47% in 2020. That is not good news.

Donald Trump’s campaign is going so badly that they are declaring victory over not outright losing red states yet.

Ellis shot herself and Trump in the foot by elevating a poll that shows how badly Trump is doing.

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