Larry Kudlow Declares Racism Extinct Because Some White People Voted For Barack Obama

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow declared racism extinct on Monday, citing as evidence the fact that some white people voted for Barack Obama.

During an interview on CNBC, Kudlow said that Obama’s two successful presidential campaigns are part of the reason why he doesn’t believe in “systemic racism.”

“President Obama, the first black president, was elected twice, and he got 79 million white votes,” he said. “Therefore, I find it hard to understand something called systemic racism.”


Once again, Larry Kudlow misses the mark by a mile

Larry Kudlow’s claim that white people voting for Obama is evidence that systemic racism isn’t real is laughable. It’s also completely on-brand for him and the administration for which he works.

Keep in mind, Kudlow is the guy who said in 2007 – just before the economy cratered – that all was well. “There’s no recession coming,” he claimed.

In February of this year, even as it was clear the coronavirus was a growing public health threat, Kudlow said it was under control. “We have contained this, I won’t say airtight but pretty close to airtight,” he said.

Now, as one crisis after another lays bare the systemic inequalities in America’s healthcare, economic and criminal justice systems, Kudlow is claiming none of it exists.

Larry Kudlow has proven time and again that he wasn’t even qualified to be a cable news personality, much less a White House economic adviser.

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