Trump Illegally Threatens Seattle Protesters With Federal Troops

Trump threatened peaceful protesters in Seattle with the deployment of federal troops and the use of force against them in an illegal act.

Trump said, “These are violent people that took it over. These are not people that are nice people. I saw it on your network John. I saw what’s going on with the hitting and the punching and the beating and all of the other things going on in Seattle. And you have a governor that doesn’t do a damn thing about it, and you have a mayor who doesn’t know she’s alive. She’s talking about it’s going to be a lovefest this summer. If they don’t do the job, I’ll do the job, and I’ve already spoken to the Attorney General about it, but if they don’t do the job, we will do the job.”

Trump suggested that he could do ten different things that would all solve the problem, but he refused to say what they were.


Trump hasn’t learned anything from the last time that he tried the tough talk stunt and had to back down, because he can’t actually deploy federal troops to a US city to use force against protesters. Trump has to be invited by the governor before troops can be deployed, and that won’t happen in Washington.

The President was throwing out more empty tough talk, but his unyielding desire to use against US citizens should not be overlooked or ignored.

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