Supreme Court Rejects 10 2nd Amendment Cases As Trump’s Bad Day Gets Worse

Not only did the Supreme Court anti-discrimination workplace protections for LGBTQ Americans, but they also rejected 10 Second Amendment gun cases.

Via UCLA constitutional law professor, Adam Winkler on Twitter:

Chief Justice John Roberts doesn’t have an expansive view of the Second Amendment, which means that the odds of the Second Amendment being expanded or local and state gun laws being reversed by the high court is practically zero.

Last Friday, the Trump administration announced a rule removing protections for trans patients from the ACA. On Monday, the Supreme Court upheld anti-discrimination workplace protections for LGBTQ employees. Trump has been trying to scare voters about Democrats trying to take away the Second Amendment. He works Second Amendment into his tweets and comments so often that it is a form of political Tourette’s, but the Supreme Court isn’t playing along.

Trump brags about his “two Supreme Court Justices,” but even they are turning their backs on the agenda of Donald Trump.

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