Trump Administration Admits It Doesn’t Care If COVID-19 Cases And Deaths Surge Again

The Trump administration’s new solution to a growing number of states experiencing a record number of coronavirus cases isn’t a solution at all. Instead, the White House is telling the American people that they simply have to get comfortable with a new surge in COVID-19 cases.

During an interview on Fox News, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said, “I think it’s something we have to get used to.”

He added that it doesn’t matter if tens of thousands of more lives are lost due to another surge in infections or a potential second wave; the president will stay the course and keep the economy open no matter what.

“The president is absolutely disinclined to shut down the economy, as is the vice president,” Kudlow said. “I think shutting down the economy could be worse for our health than not shutting it down.”


Kudlow said:

I think it’s something we have to used to. I think it’s controllable. We have better equipment. We have much more experience in handling these hot spots, small metropolitan areas. We are not intending to close down the economy. We do not believe this is a second wave. Having said all that, let me remind one of my favorite health experts said we’ve got to have best practices with hygiene. In those localities where the guidelines are clearly wear masks, keep the social distancing and so forth, those things must be observed. So we open, we must open the economy, but we must do it in a safe way. … The president is absolutely disinclined to shut down the economy, as is the vice president. I think shutting down the economy could be worse for our health than not shutting it down. Look, I will just tell you what the health experts are saying, Ed, and they do not see the degree of alarm. … Every human being’s value is terribly important, but when you look at the overall numbers and including these specific areas – this is not necessarily a nationwide event. As I said, case rates and fatality rates nationwide are still rock bottom and have flattened. We’re on it, we’re watching it very carefully. But that does not mean because a few places have had flare ups for one reason or another, that we need to shut down the economy.

The White House doesn’t even pretend to care about the coronavirus anymore

First, it’s somewhat amusing that Larry Kudlow is on television telling the American people not to worry about the recent surge in coronavirus cases. After all, he’s the same guy who said the virus was completely contained back in February.

Since then, more than two million Americans have been infected and over 118,00 have died from the coronavirus – the highest toll of any country in the world.

Second, it’s stunning that the administration is effectively saying that they will stay the course, no matter how many more Americans are infected or die from the disease. It’s an admission that the White House’s top goal isn’t to save lives, it’s to boost the economy ahead of the November election.

Larry Kudlow only confirmed what has been obvious for weeks: This administration has given up and moved on from the coronavirus.

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