Trump Is Recruiting People From High Covid States To Infect His Rally

Trump is advertising to his supporters in states that are experiencing high Covid outbreaks, like Arizona, to get them to his Tulsa rally.

Here is the ad that Trump is running:

Tulsa public health officials are worried about the exact scenario that Trump and his campaign are creating. Trump isn’t requiring masks for attendees, or social distancing. The Trump campaign wants to cram tens of thousands of people into an arena close together during a pandemic, and they are advertising for their supporters in places where cases are spiking to come to the rally.

The President Of The United States is creating a public health disaster in an American city because he wants to pretend that the pandemic is over and it is safe to return to business as usual.

Trump is recruiting supporters from heavily infected states to come and spread the virus in Oklahoma. His actions aren’t just reckless and irresponsible. They are borderline criminal.