Mike Pence: Trump Administration Gives African Americans “More Access to the American Dream”

Mike Pence has criticized Democrats and defended the administration’s treatment of African Americans. The Vice President claimed Donald Trump had the recipe for their success.

Pence spoke to Fox News on Tuesday about a range of subjects, including Joe Biden’s criticism of the Trump administration’s “race-neutral” policies.

“I mean, Biden says everybody ought to have a fair shot at the American dream. Well, we would say, ‘Well, why don’t you support allowing African-American families to choose where their kids go to school?” Pence asked.

School choice is a controversial issue but Pence cited it as evidence of President Trump’s support for the black community.

“And, we really do believe that you shouldn’t…be denied the ability to choose where your kids go to school just because of your zip code or because of your income,” he said.

Watch part of the interview:

Pence returned to the old talking point about African American unemployment numbers before taking aim at the Democrats.

“I mean, we understand that the media narrative around this time and the negativity around this time, but as I sat down with African American leaders in Pittsburgh, in Maryland as the President welcomed leaders here to the White House and in Dallas, I think millions of African Americans saw the progress that we were making over the last three years,” Pence said.

“And they know as we bring this economy back in the wake of not just these tragic events and the violence that ensued but in the wake -of course – of this Coronavirus pandemic that it’s President Donald Trump who has the prescription for more prosperity, more educational opportunity, and really more access to the American dream than 50 years of Democrat leadership under the likes of Joe Biden has ever given them.”

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