Trump Campaign Throws A Fit Because The Media Isn’t Smearing Biden

The Trump campaign released a memo complaining that Joe Biden isn’t campaigning enough and that he isn’t getting enough media attention.

The memo:

The memo is basically a plea for the media to cover Joe Biden and ignore Trump’s out of control tire fire of a presidency, “The reluctance to emerge from the basement prompted the Trump campaign to join the Biden campaign in an unprecedented show of solidarity, urging the media to carry Biden’s events in their entirety, absent any actual public appearances.”

The Trump campaign is also complaining that Biden isn’t holding any public events, “It is now established that Joe Biden prefers campaigning from the comfort of his basement in Wilmington, DE instead of traveling the country meeting voters and making the case for his candidacy. This is obviously a tactic to help him avoid errors and embarrassing, lost trains of thought, while also conveniently preventing the press corps from asking him any questions in person.”

Trump wants Biden on the campaign trail so that he can hold his rallies in the middle of a pandemic with less criticism.

The Trump campaign is centered around making this election about Joe Biden, which is impossible to do while Trump is busy gassing peaceful protesters for photo-ops.

Trump knows that he can’t win if the election is about him, so his campaign is trying to get attention off of their candidate any way they can.

It’s not going to work.

Reelection campaigns are always about the incumbent president. Trump is the story of this election, and his campaign is trying to do the impossible by making the press focus on Joe Biden.