Trump responds to Black Lives Matter by defending the Confederacy

Trump Responds To Black Lives Matter By Defending The Confederacy

Trump tried to give a speech on policing reform that turned into a ramble about the economy and closed with a defense of the Confederacy.

Trump said, “Americans can achieve anything when we work together as one national family. To go forward, we must seek cooperation, not confrontation. We must build upon our heritage, not tear it down, and we must cherish the principles of America’s founding as we strive to deliver safe, beautiful, elegant justice.”


Trump was supposed to giving a speech about race and Black Lives Matter, but it quickly turned into a delusional rant about how great the economy was, and he alone is rebuilding it.

The President closed his remarks with a dog whistle to his racist supporters. Those who defend confederate statues and the Confederacy talk about it terms of heritage, and they want to keep the tributes to slavery up and oppose them being torn down.

Even when Trump is pretending to care about racism, he always has to give a subtle wink to his supporters to let them know how he really feels.

Trump was supposed to be addressing racism and police brutality, but he showed his true colors by defending the Confederacy.

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