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Trump Says He Can “Live With” Supreme Court’s Decision on LGBT Rights Despite Conservative Anger

Donald Trump says he can accept the Supreme Court’s decision on LGBT rights, despite conservative outrage. The President did not criticize the move, as some believed he would.

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The court ruled 6 to 3 that LGBT people enjoyed protections under Title VII of the Civil Rights act – meaning they cannot be fired simply for being LGBT. Trump-appointee Neil Gorsuch sided with the majority.

“I’ve read the decision, and some people were surprised,” Trump said on Monday. “But they’ve ruled and we live with their decision.”

“That’s what it’s all about. We live with the decision of the Supreme Court,” he said

“Very powerful. Very powerful decision actually,” Trump said. “But they have so ruled.”

Trump’s apparently calm reaction to the landmark decision may further worry conservatives, many of whom reacted with fury and incredulity to the ruling and attacked the justices supporting it.

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Gorsuch have become particular targets of conservative ire – but none more than Gorsuch, who was appointed by Trump to succeed Justice Antonin Scalia.

There are also suggestions that the court’s decision could endanger President Trump’s reelection.

One major reason cited by many social conservatives for supporting him was the need for conservative judges but the recent decision seems to indicate that argument is flawed.

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