Joe Biden Burns Trump To The Ground For Bungling The Pandemic

Former Vice President Joe Biden delivered a major speech today where he painted Trump as failed, uncaring, bungler who screwed up the pandemic response.

Biden said:

The American people have sacrificed so much to fight this we have lost lives. We have lost businesses. We have lost paychecks. And now, thanks to Donald Trump’s bungling, we may lose some of the progress we had begun to make. All because he’s lost interest. He’s once again ignoring the facts, the public health response is still woefully, woefully lacking from this administration. More than 117,000 people have died in the United States of America with an average daily number of cases still climbing in 21 states. We still don’t have what we need when it comes to rapid results testing, contact tracing compacity, widely available personnel protective equipment for them. Or clear nationwide guidance. Instead, President Trump pushes dangerous disproven drugs.”

Video of Biden:

Biden said that Trump has retreated and surrendered to the pandemic, “Donald Trump wants to style himself as a war-time president against this invisible enemy, the coronavirus. Unlike any other war, any other wartime leader, he takes no responsibility, he exercises no leadership, now he’s just flat surrendering the fight. Instead of leading the charge to defeat the virus, he just basically waved a white flag and has retreated. We saw he’s going to get back to his campaign rallies. He’ll put people at risk, as everyone has pointed out, in violation of the CDC guidelines. ”

Biden accuses Trump of surrendering:

Biden also asked the key question by stating that he is ready on day one, so why isn’t Trump ready after three years in office?

The former vice president said, “Americans need a president who will put the American people first, not his or her own ego. America needs a president who will do the work. I’m ready on day one after more than three years in office, why isn’t Donald Trump ready? Mr. President, wake up. Get to work. There’s so much more to be done.”

Video of Biden on Trump not being ready:

There has never been a speech made against Donald Trump that was such a specific and passionate indictment of his failures as president.

Joe Biden set Trump ablaze. Trump will respond with insults, lies, and trying to make his dumb “Sleepy Joe” nickname stick, but this speech from Biden represented an evolution in the presidential campaign. Biden is credibly, clearly, and convincingly devastating Donald Trump.

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