Trump Begged China For Help To Rig The Election

Trump tried to get the Chinese to help him beat Joe Biden and win reelection, as he openly pleaded with China for assistance.

The Wall Street Journal published an excerpt when John Bolton wrote:

In their meeting in Osaka on June 29, Xi told Trump that the U.S.-China relationship was the most important in the world. He said that some (unnamed) American political figures were making erroneous judgments by calling for a new cold war with China.

Whether Xi meant to finger the Democrats or some of us sitting on the U.S. side of the table, I don’t know, but Trump immediately assumed that Xi meant the Democrats. Trump said approvingly that there was great hostility to China among the Democrats. Trump then, stunningly, turned the conversation to the coming U.S. presidential election, alluding to China’s economic capability and pleading with Xi to ensure he’d win. He stressed the importance of farmers and increased Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat in the electoral outcome.

It is a safe bet that Trump is running around asking every country around the world to interfere to help him win a second term.

Instead of standing up to China and advocating for the United States, Trump has been kissing Chinese backsides in the hope that they will interfere in the election and deliver him a second term. Trump doesn’t see any difference between his self-interest and the best interests of the United States.

Trump is trying to block publication of the Bolton book, not because it contains classified information, but because it is capable of giving an angry and fed up electorate even more motivation to dump Trump.

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