Democrats Immediately Set A DACA Trap For Trump

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) warned that Trump could rescind DACA next week if he wanted to, as Democrats are pressuring for action to protect DREAMERS.

Durbin said:

The president has it within his power next week to initiate a new rescission, of course, it will be challenged in court, but there will be a period of uncertainty. We’re hoping the white house will give a reprieve to these 700,000 and saying there won’t be any further action on DACA this calendar year.

40,000 of those DACA recipients are health care heroes, doctors, nurses, and medical professionals on the front lines of this pandemic. They’re an important part of America. The president can give them some relief by saying we’re not going to take this issue up for the remainder of this year. If he doesn’t, if he decides to move forward, the only recourse is right here in Congress. A bill has passed the House, The Dream And Promise Act that can be taken up next week by Senator McConnell here in the Senate. We can solve this problem once and for all.


Democrats would never want DACA to be rescinded, but Durbin’s comments represent the political peril that the Supreme Court decision has caused for Trump.

The President is trapped. If he announces that there will be no action on DACA for the rest of the year, his base will howl with displeasure. If he rescinds DACA, Biden and the Democrats are going to bludgeon him with the issue and use it to get DREAMERS and Latino voters motivated for November.

Trump folds like a cheap card table when his base complains, but Democrats are setting him up.

If Trump takes action against DACA, Democrats will make him pay in November.

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