Trump Points To His Own Rigged Polls To Claim He’s Winning

As poll after poll shows Donald Trump losing to Joe Biden, the President has claimed that those polls are fake. His own polling, however, is correct and shows him winning.

President Trump spoke to Gray Television about the issue in a brief interview where he attacked polling generally and harked back to 2016 and Hillary Clinton.

“Well it’s like with Hillary, I was behind in the polls in the battleground states in every poll, and then I ended up winning all those states,” Trump said of his narrow victories.

“I don’t believe we’re behind because in my polls we’re ahead. We have polls, and in my polls we’re ahead,” he said.

“But polls are fake, just like the reporters and the news are fake. There’s so much of it that’s false. And that excludes you of course,” he said.

“But the polls are fake and they’re called suppression polls, they’re supposed to be to take peoples enthusiasm away, and when you look at that phony CNN poll that recently came out and you look at some others, and where they go and interview Democrats or take polls, Democrats at far greater numbers than Republicans, and other things, many other things, they are suppression polls.”

“No, we’re ahead in our polls, and some others too, by the way, but we’re ahead in our polls and especially in the battleground States. I think we’re going to do very well. I find there’s much more enthusiasm now than there was even in 2016.”

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