Trump Calls Virus Testing Overrated And Claims Masks Are A Conspiracy


Trump called coronavirus testing overrated and claimed that people are wearing masks as a symbol of disapproval of him.

Trump sat down for an interview with The Wall Street Journal who reported:

The president said testing for Covid-19 was overrated and allowed for the possibility that some Americans wore facial coverings not as a preventative measure but as a way to signal disapproval of him.



“I personally think testing is overrated, even though I created the greatest testing machine in history,” Mr. Trump said, adding that more testing in the U.S. led to an increase in confirmed cases that “in many ways, it makes us look bad.”

When people are sick, and they get tested, the positive results will go up. Testing is not overrated. It is the way to track the spread of the pandemic.

Trump lied about building the greatest testing machine in history and is making it very clear that he wants to pretend like the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t exist by limiting testing.

Masks are not a conspiracy or a political statement against Trump. People who wear masks are trying to protect their communities and others from getting sick. A mask doesn’t protect the wearer. It protects everyone else.

Since Trump has no concept of what it means to care for other people, it makes sense that he would see masks as a political conspiracy that is designed to make him look bad.

Even by Trump’s warped standards, claiming that masks are a conspiracy to show disapproval of him is a new low.

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