Trump Support Collapses In Rural America As Biden Gains 21 Points

Trump won rural voters by 30 points in 2016, but he has lost 21 points of rural support to Joe Biden in the latest Fox News Poll.

Here is the Fox News Poll (highlight mine):

Joe Biden gains 20 points with rural voters
Joe Biden gains 20 points with rural voters

Trump’s support with rural voters was eroding long before the pandemic and the economic collapse. Trump’s supporters in rural America were hurt by his failed trade war with China. They saw him do nothing about the opioid crisis. He promised to bring American manufacturing back only to see those jobs not return. Trump attacked their healthcare, and he boasted about a tax cut package that left out rural America but benefitted the wealthy and corporations.

As our own Sarah Jones put it:

If Biden performs better with rural voters in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan than Hillary Clinton did, he will flip places that Trump carried and be in a position to win the election.

Trump has whittled down his base of support to its core and played into the hands of Joe Biden.

Biden has the potential to swing enough rural voters to send Trump out of the White House and permanently to the golf course.

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