Trump Threatens Violence Against Protesters At His Tulsa Rally

Trump upped the ante on a situation that is already presenting a danger to public health by threatening violence against protesters at his Tulsa rally.

Trump tweeted:

Trump doesn’t control law enforcement in the city. While the Secret Service will be there to protect him, Trump isn’t rolling into Tulsa with the National Guard. Trump has no power to bring a governmental use of force with him.

However, the President’s tweet is giving his supporters the green light to attack protesters.

Trump encouraged violence by his supporters against his critics during the 2016 campaign, and he is doing it again in 2020. The difference between then and now is that people are no longer frightened or intimidated by this president and his supporters because they know that opponents of Trump outnumber his supporters.

Donald Trump’s threats only strengthen the resolve of steel that has formed to beat this man in November and remove him from office.

The biggest coward in Tulsa will be Donald Trump.

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