In Rare Moment Of Truth, Trump Admits His Campaign Is Failing

Trump admitted just for a few seconds during his Tulsa rally that his presidential campaign is not going well, and is failing.

Trump said, “It was an unbelievable machine, and then they made a plane and did some foolish things, and a terrible thing happened, and all of a sudden they have gone through hell, but they are we are ready to help them if they needed, but they are coming back, they are coming back. But this was the bubbling before that, and they were riding high like I was before this thing came in, but we are still riding high, because you know what? In November, we are going to win. We are going to win.”


It was as if the empty seats and lack of a gigantic crowd got into Trump’s head for a moment, and the truth slipped out of his mouth. Trump is losing to Joe Biden. Every poll shows the same result. Joe Biden is winning, and if this rally was any indication of Trump’s campaign-style, he has no line of attack against Biden, as he wildly veers from point to point in the hope of making something stick.

Trump has spent more time at his rally making excuses for why he couldn’t walk down a ramp than focusing on Joe Biden.

Even Donald Trump knows that he is losing.

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