Trump Threatens To Kill John Bolton After Losing In Court

Trump responded to losing his attempt to block the publication of John Bolton’s book by threatening the life of his former adviser.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s threat to Bolton wasn’t lost on Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA):

The President Of The United States threatened the life of a political opponent after the Judicial Branch of the federal government protected the Constitution by not blocking the publication of John Bolton’s book.

Trump’s idea that any conversation he has with anyone is classified is a flaming pile of garbage. If everything that Trump accused Bolton of doing were true, the court would have blocked the publication of the book.

Trump lost, and now he is doing what he does best. He is trying to convince his followers that the defeat is a victory, and he is threatening his opponents on Twitter.

Donald Trump shows with each tweet why he is a clear and present danger to the nation.

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