Trump Melts Down And Rants For 20 Minutes About His Inability To Walk Down A Ramp

Trump blamed walking three blocks, saluting, the sun, his shoes, making a speech and the ramp itself for why he couldn’t walk down a ramp.

Trump said in part:

So then I finish saluting my final salute. I say thank goodness, thank you very much. But think of it. Essentially, almost 600 times. The general says are you ready? I said I’m ready, where we going now? I left early in the morning to get there. Now it is late in the afternoon. He said we cannot leave the stage. I said I will follow you. He goes right here sir.

8:41:15 PM

And the stage was higher than this one. The ramp was probably 10 yards long. You have to understand, I have the whole corps of cadets looking at me, and I want them to love their president, I did this big thing. I love them, they are incredible. I said general, I’ve got myself a problem. Because I’m wearing leather bottom shoes, which is good if you are walking on flat surfaces. It is not good for ramps. If I fall down, look at the press back there. And this was a steel ramp. It had no handrail. It was like an ice skating rink. I said I have a problem. He didn’t understand at first. I said there is no way.


I just saluted almost 600 times. I just made a big speech. I sat for other speeches. I’m being baked like a cake. I said there is no way I can make it down that ramp without falling on my ass, general. I have no railing. It’s true. He said the ramp is ready to go. I didn’t really want to grab him. I said that will be a story, too. Now I have a choice. I can stay up there for a couple of hours and wait until I’m rescued, or I can go down this really steep, an ice skating rink, it is brutal. I said get ready, I may grab you so fast.

Because I can’t fall with the fake news watching. If I fall, I remember when president Ford fell out of the plane. I remember when another president, nice men, threw up in Japan. And they did slow-motion replays. I don’t want that, general. He’s standing there, and he’s got these shoes, but they are loaded with rubber on the bottom. The first thing I did, I looked at his shoes, then I looked at mine. Very slippery. So I end saying let’s go, I will only grab you if I need you. That is not a good story, falling would be a disaster. It turned out to be worse than anything. I would have been better off if I fell and slid down the damn ramp.

Trump is admitting to America that he is so weak, infirm, and unable to move that he can’t be out in the sun, give a speech, salute, and then walk down a ramp. Trump’s defense of his inability to walk blew his argument about having great stamina and energy to bits.

Donald Trump can’t walk and drink water, and yet he thinks he deserves four more years in the White House. The Tulsa rally is becoming a bigger disaster with each minute that Trump is on the stage.