Trump Takes The Stage To Empty Seats At Tulsa Rally

Trump took the stage in Tulsa to a vast swath of empty seats at a rally that he claimed over a million tickets were requested for.

Here is what the upper deck looked like just before Trump took the stage:

Video of Trump taking the stage to empty seats:

Trump had to cancel a planned speech to the outdoor overflow crowd because there wasn’t an outdoor overflow crowd, and as the program began, it was being reported that crowd inside the arena was much smaller than the Trump campaign expected.

Trump had Air Force One do a flyby of the crowd outside only to find that the street was mostly empty.

Donald Trump’s initial remarks at his rally focused on how his supporters were warriors, and the silent majority was speaking, but it turns out that the silent majority was disguised as blue seats because the vast sea of humanity that the Trump campaign was expecting didn’t show up.

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Trump met with empty seats at Tulsa rally
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