Only 6 People Have Masks In Trump Tulsa Rally Line

A Saturday video of the front of the line to get into Trump’s Tulsa rally revealed that only six people had or were wearing masks.


Philip Lewis pointed out that there were just six masks at the front of the line:

Public health officials, including the doctors on the White House Coronavirus Task Force, warned Trump against holding this rally. Tulsa public health officials tried to get Trump to cancel the event or move it to a larger outdoor location, but the President refused.

Trump also will not follow social distancing guidelines for his event or require masks.

A presidential attack on the nation’s public health is unfolding in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Trump gave up on trying to fight the virus, so he is siding with it, and creating a perfect storm for the spread of the pandemic throughout the Tulsa region and to the rest of the country.

Trump supporters are acting like a death cult, and in the process, are going to take the virus back home with them to sicken and kill scores of innocent Americans.

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