Trump Humiliated As Crowd At Tulsa Rally Smaller Than Expected

It is being reported by those on the ground in Tulsa that Trump’s big rally has drawn a crowd that is smaller than expected.

Here is the video as the program was starting:

This was 40 minutes before the program started:

The Tulsa rally has already been a failure for Trump. The President had to cancel his planned outdoor speech to the overflow crowd after no one showed up. There is no massive crowd outside the arena, as Trump found out when he had Air Force One fly low outside the arena:

The inside of the arena will likely fill up by the time that Trump speaks, but this event is not the massive show of force that the Trump campaign was hoping for.

Trump and his campaign will try to spin it, but the Tulsa rally has already been a humiliating failure that appears to confirm that Trump is on his way to defeat.

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