‘Your Legacy Is Death’: Steve Schmidt Instantly Makes Trump Regret Mentioning Him On Twitter

Donald Trump called out former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt in a tweet on Saturday, and Schmidt immediately made him regret it.

“Wow, I finally agree with failed political consultant Steve Schmidt, who called Wacko John Bolton ‘a despicable man who failed in his duty to protect America,'” the president said in a tweet.

Schmidt, a member of the Lincoln Project, shot right back in a tweet of his own, calling Trump “amoral” and indecent” and telling him that he’s headed for defeat in November.

Schmidt then launched into a takedown of the Trump presidency, telling him he “can’t wait” for the moment that Fox News projects Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election.

The Lincoln Project has gotten under Trump’s thin skin

Donald Trump doesn’t like criticism of any kind, but the Lincoln Project – an anti-Trump Republican group – seems to have gotten under the president’s skin in a way few others have.

Over the past week, the group released a devastating ad raising questions about Trump’s declining health, focusing on his unsteady walk down a ramp after a West Point commencement address.

Last month, Trump threw an absolute tantrum over the Lincoln Project’s ‘Mourning in America’ ad. His outburst actually helped the group put the ad on the air in three swing states.

Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving for an organization whose goal is to defeat him.

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Trump Legacy of Suffering
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