Trump To Be Investigated For Soliciting Chinese Election Interference

House Intel Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff said that Trump’s solicitation of Chinese election interference will be investigated to protect voters.

Transcript of Chairman Schiff on NBC’s Meet The Press:


Look, if you don’t act now and you sort of wait to act and you wait to see what happens in November, is that too late? If you believe he has done impeachable acts with the Chinese government, can you really wait until after the election to, to put Bolton under oath, to start the process?


I don’t think we should wait if we conclude that there are important things that he says that need to be exposed to the public. The public needs to know exactly what they have in this president. A lot of it is not a surprise. But at the same time, exposure of this president’s misconduct is the best way to protect the country. Congress can take steps to protect the country. You know, look, those comments that the president made when only the interpreter and President Xi were in the room, blessing the concentration camps of the Uighurs, it’s exactly why we want to know what he said to Putin when he’s alone in the room with Putin because he’s dealing away our national security. He’s dealing away the values of this country, in secret, in order to help himself. And that’s just so destructive of everything that this country stands for.


Chairman Schiff was correct. Democrats aren’t going to impeach Trump again before November’s election, but they have an obligation to investigate presidential misconduct that could jeopardize the 2020 election.

Democrats aren’t going to sit on their hands and ignore Trump’s misconduct. Trump is begging foreign governments around the world for election help, and since Mitch McConnell’s Senate Republicans will do nothing, it is up to House Democrats to protect the election from Donald Trump.

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