Trump Campaign Blames Imaginary Antifa For Small Rally Crowd

The Trump campaign is blaming far-left protesters for blocking the gates, which there is no evidence of, for the small rally crowd in Tulsa.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted:

The imaginary blocked gates excuse doesn’t hold up because the Trump campaign also had to cancel the outdoor speeches for the overflow crowd on the street, because there was no crowd on the street. Trump’s supporters had supposedly been in town since Thursday.

The campaign said that they had a million ticket requests, and were expected 40,000-50,000 people in Tulsa. They were running Facebook ads targeted at Texas and Arizona supporters to try to get them to Tulsa.

The Trump supporters didn’t show up in the numbers that the campaign expected. The problem wasn’t imaginary Antifa. The problem is that Trump tried to hold a rally in the middle of a pandemic.

It was a terrible idea that backfired on Trump, and will probably cost his campaign manager his job.

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