Trump Is Furious Over His Teeny Tiny Tulsa Rally Crowd

Trump is said to be furious over being embarrassed by the fact that his big rally in Tulsa only drew 6,200 attendees.

NBC News reported:

President Donald Trump is “furious” at the “underwhelming” crowd at his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday evening, a major disappointment for what was expected to be a raucous return to the campaign trail after a three-month hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to multiple people close to the White House.

The president was fuming at his top political aides on Saturday even before the rally began, after his campaign revealed that six members of the advance team on the ground in Tulsa had tested positive for COVID-19, including Secret Service personnel, a person familiar with the discussions said.

Even Trump’s own supporters appear to understand that his act is stale. Trump’s two-hour speech consisted of him talking about himself for most of the time, including a 20-minute defense of why he couldn’t walk down a ramp, many old chestnuts from the 2016 campaign, and zero ideas for what he would do if he is elected to a second term.

Trump’s biggest problem has been that he does more to excite people to vote against him than he does to energize his own base. Complacency is a major problem for Trump and his party. His supporters assume that he is going to win.

There is an eternity in campaign time left until election day, but if Trump can’t fill up a building red Oklahoma, the odds are slim that he will be able to attract massive crowds in swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

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